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  • Microenterprise guidebook authorship (global) – Co-authored Renewable Energy for Microenterprise, part of a series of guidebooks developed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory to raise awareness of potential applications of renewables for rural areas of developing countries. Drew extensively on the experiences of GT Consulting affiliates in renewable energy enterprise development and the commercial application of renewable energy technologies.

  • Power for microenterprise (Dominican Republic, Honduras) – Own and operate rural energy delivery companies supplying basic energy services to thousands of rural customers, including hundreds of microenterprises, through cash, credit, and rental offerings of small PV systems. Through the Soluz offerings, provided access to electrical power to microenterprises such as small stores or home-based businesses for lighting, communication, refrigeration, and entertainment.

  • Renewable energy training for microenterprise (Latin America) – Provided technical and business training in photovoltaic and wind-electric technologies to individual entrepreneurs and employees of existing companies. Trained in the design, installation, and maintenance and basic PV systems, advanced systems, and community water-pumping systems, and basic business skills.




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