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Project Design, and Investor Support

  • Renewable energy program design review and support (Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, China, Philippines) – Reviewed and provided input to proposed country programs for development institutions looking to cultivate local PV industries and create viable structures for large-scale PV rural electrification. Provided direct input to companies interested in participating in the proposed programs and in finding creative solutions to rural energy challenges.

  • Small-wind market development and training (Dominican Republic) – Supported the exploration and development of markets and local businesses for small-wind and micro-hydroelectric technologies under the USAID-funded Electrical Energy Sector Restructuring Project. Trained government, NGO, and business representatives; carried out a market characterization for small wind; and developed a wind-electric water-pumping pilot for community application.

  • Business due diligence (Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil) – Carried out due diligence and investment support to select international clients considering equity or debt financing of local PV companies. Oriented local companies on business planning and market penetration strategies.

  • Renewable energy training for industry, civil society, and government (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Yemen) – Trained personnel from electric utilities and cooperatives, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in PV system design, installation, and utilization and in viable roles for energy sector or development personnel in promoting sustainable rural energy solutions.




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