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Rural Energy Business Development

  • Photovoltaic business development (global) – Manage, through a consortium with the Triodos Bank Group and Environmental Enterprises Assistance Fund, of Solar Development Group, a 10-year, $40-million investment fund and support organization for the acceleration of commercial PV service to rural markets. Lead the business development services component of Solar Development Group, funded by the World Bank, the IFC, U.S. foundations, and private investors. Support local entrepreneurs in securing scale-up financing for commercial rural energy delivery using distributed PV technologies.

  • Small-wind business assessment (Mexico) – Explored the potential for establishment of a small-wind leasing business in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, Mexico, under the USAID- and USDOE-funded Mexico Renewable Energy Program managed by Sandia National Laboratories. Led a market survey, provided substantial technical assistance to a local company in installing a pilot wind-electric system, and compiled a business concept paper with results.

  • PV business development (Morocco) – Supported the establishment of SunLight Power Maroc, a PV company with a focus on fee-for-service offerings in northern Morocco, based on the Soluz rural energy delivery operations. Provided substantial insights from the on-going Soluz operations, supported operational development, and provided French-language training for local technicians.

  • Renewable energy training for microenterprise (Latin America) – Provided technical and business training in photovoltaic and wind-electric technologies to individual entrepreneurs and employees of existing companies. Trained in the design, installation, and maintenance and basic PV systems, advanced systems, and community water-pumping systems, and basic business skills.




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